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A Bluetooth enabled torque wrench allows you to carry out your bolt and flange installations quickly and easily, with data captured in real time.

Features and Benefits
  • Data capture – evidence & compliance to manufacturers installation procedures
  • Integrated technology – sets torques values, preventing incorrect process and values being used (single, multistage and 24 hr pass)
  • Behavioural improvements- guiding operators through a complex processes
  • JointManager platform – the industry leading asset assurance platform for multiple asset types
  • Cross platform - works with a range of manufacturers torque wrenches and torque equipment
  • Smartform compatibility – customisable to provide enhanced data capture and QR codes
  • Quality assurance over data capture – the only application proven to improve and drive quality
  • Compatibility with companion apps – enriched data from other processes involved in the assembly of flanges
Case Study

A key part of pipeline construction is dependent on the pressure test prior to use, and often in the utility sector there is uncertainty that the pressure test will pass first time.

Independent data gathered indicates that up to 30% of new installation fail their pressure test first time, with evidence showing the vast majority being weeps and leaks on mechanical joints. All of these are preventable with the correct education and guidance.

Recently, an asset owner used TorqueAssist with their contractor on the installation of c400 flanged joints on circa c4km of new pipework. The pipeline was independently tested and passed first time. Under normal circumstances, the contractor would have planned and allowed for some leakage and rework.

This result was achieved through enhanced knowledge of the process from guidance in the application and through improved controls over the process.

A contractor recently used this on a large installation process and found that it saved them c£10k in lost time and re-work as they were able to demonstrate to both their client and the pipe manufacturer the assembly methodology used when the system developed leaks during commissioning.

The cause was incorrectly calculated torque values, rather than the installation, and when torqued up to the correct values there were no leaks. Normally, when this happens, bolts are tightened until the weep stops, but this can cause unnecessary damage to the gasket and flange, which can potentially reduce the lifespan of the pipeline.

We know that budgets are often set to allow for rework on new pipeline projects. Not only is this inefficient, but it is also extremely costly. Using TorqueAssist will significantly improve efficiency and productivity.

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