Effective and Dynamic Materials Management

As a distributor of gas and water infrastructure products, we understand the real costs associated with sourcing, purchasing, stocking, supplying and funding multiple products across multiple utilities. We work with suppliers and infrastructure providers to optimise materials supply and usage. Each scenario and product mix is different. We can call on specialist skills to take cost out of your supply chain. For example our Projects Team generates detailed and costed material take-offs from multi-utility scheme drawings and then optimises materials usage during a project.

Polyethylene Fabrications

We supply both standard and bespoke polyethylene segmentations that can be used for a wide range of applications: gas and water utility infrastructure, ground source heat systems, mines and quarries, rail drainage and industrial.

Bills of materials from scheme drawings

The Fusion Utilities projects team takes your scheme drawings, provides you with detailed material take-offs, and then optimises your materials usage during the project.

Accurate product specifications, costing, delivery and reporting protects your cash flow. The wrong product at the wrong price can be the difference between profit and loss. Our projects team creates the time and space for utility infrastructure providers to concentrate on what really matters: project delivery.

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