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William Johnston – Gasket and Bolt Kits GISF7

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Wolseley CodeSupplier CodeProduct descriptionSize mmQuantity
CA8118GBN.25.M12X60(4).GISF7WMJ GISF7 Gasket & Bolt Kits 25mm PN1625
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CA8119GBN.50.M16X70(4).GISF7WMJ GISF7 Gasket & Bolt Kits 50mm PN1650
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CA8120GBN.80.M16X85(8).GISF7WMJ GISF7 Gasket & Bolt Kits 80mm PN1680
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CA8121GBN.100.M16X90(8).GISF7WMJ GISF7 Gasket & Bolt Kits 100mm PN16100
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CA8122GBN.150.M20X96(8).GISF7WMJ GISF7 Gasket & Bolt Kits 150mm PN16150
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CA8123GBN.200.M20X100(12).GISF7WMJ GISF7 Gasket & Bolt Kits 200mm PN16200
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CA8124GBN.250.M24X115(12).GISF7WMJ GISF7 Gasket & Bolt Kits 250mm PN16250
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CA8125GBN.300.M24X120(12).GISF7WMJ GISF7 Gasket & Bolt Kits 300mm PN16300
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