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Viking Johnson – UltraGrip Couplings

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Application Information:
UltraGrip products are designed to offer a solution to joining Plain Ended Pipes and contain an end load resistant mechanism, that grips and seals onto a variety of pipe materials including Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, Steel, PVC and PE.

Customer benefits:
• High-level of performance in both water and gas applications
• Increased diameter range and wide tolerance delivers a reduction in stock holding costs
• Gripping product can be converted to non-gripping flexible product by removing grippers, to permit axial movement
• Available in Nitrile for gas and EPDM for water, materials approved to WRAS as well as KTW and DVGW W270 (11.2007) for potable water applications
• Reversible captive bolts for quick and easy installation
• New design based on proven technology to deliver total peace of mind
• Sizes from DN40 to DN600

Up to 8° angular deflection.

Wolseley CodeSupplier CodeNom. sizeSize min mmSize max mmInsertion depth (D) minInsertion depth (D) maxDimensions Overall (A)Dimensions Overall (B)Sleeve (L)Sleeve (T)Bolts No. sizeBolts TypeWeight kgQuantity
J88823VJ330014043.563.5659516826214476-M12 x 70HRH5.76
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J88948VJ330025048716511017829618056-M12 x 70CSX6.13
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J88824VJ33003656383.7659518926214476-M12 x 70HRH6.86
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J88825VJ330048085.71076511021228817076-M12 x 70HRH8.54
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J14507VJ33005100107.2133.29012528034218076-M16 x 90CSX13.57
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J14509VJ33006125132.2160.29012530534218066-M16 x 90CSX14.51
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J14511VJ33007150158.2192.2901353393862136.58-M16 x 90CSX20.22
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J14513VJ33008175192.2226.91251654034002206.510-M16 x 90CSX33.22
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J14515VJ33009200218.12561251654324002206.510-M16 x 90CSX35.48
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J14517VJ33010250266.2310125165476524300812-M16 x 120CSX52.88
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J14629VJ33011300315356125200522524300816-M16x 120CSX63.8
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J49177VJ33012350352.23961252005775253007.518-M16 x 120CSX74.58
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J49178VJ33013400398.24421252006235253007.520-M16x 120CSX82.88
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J88925VJ333004504484921352157135453007.524-M16x 150HRH139.03
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J88967VJ333015004985521552158035653007.518-M20 x 150HRH160.42
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J88942VJ333025005586081552158605653007.520-M20 x 150HRH175.02
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J88927VJ333036006046481952559005653007.524-M20 x 150HRH240
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J88928VJ333046006767261952559755653007.528-M20 x 150267.38
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