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Viking Johnson – MaxiFit Xtra Couplings Long Sleeve

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Application Information:
MaxiFit Universal Pipe Couplings are designed to accommodate Plain Ended Pipes with different outside diameters. One fitting is able to connect a wide variety of Pipe materials including Steel, Ductile Iron, PVC, Cast Iron, GRP and Asbestos Cement Pipes amongst others.

Customer benefits:
• Design life expectancy of 50 years, established by rigorous ‘Accelerated Age Testing’ which subjects product to working pressure at 80°C for 1,000 hours
• Wide tolerances permit lower stock holding
• Extensive range is available in sizes DN40 to DN300
• All models accommodate angularity between pipes which allows for normal pipeline movement caused by ground settlement. Couplings and reducing couplings allowing for 6° total angular deflection (3° total on the Flange Adaptors)
• A rigorous Bolt Torque test is completed to confirm that the Bolt, End Ring and Adaptor Body are capable of withstanding Bolt over-tightening to 1.5 times maximum recommended torque

Note: Gas options also available please call WASK team for more information.

Wolseley CodeSupplier CodeNom. sizeSize range minSize range maxDiameter mm (M)Overall length mm (L)(A) x (T)Setting gap minSetting gap maxBolt no. diameter x lengthGasket mould no.Weight kgMax threaded outlet inchesQuantity
J89013VJ32001DN505774154.5285200 x 5.5201404-M12 x 27512392/14.61
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J89014VJ32002DN656385173.5285190 x 5.5201304-M12 x 27512392/25.21
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J14641VJ32003DN8085107195.5285200 x 5.5201404-M12 x 27512392/36.32
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J11774VJ32004DN100107132224.5285190 x 5.5201304-M12 x 27512392/47.22
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J11775VJ32005DN125132158254.5285190 x 6201304-M12 x 27512392/692
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J11776VJ32006DN150158184280.5285190 x 6201304-M12 x 27512392/710.32
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J89015VJ32007DN175189212306.5285190 x 6251104-M12 x 27512392/912.12
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J89016VJ32008DN200218244342.5285190 x 6251104-M12 x 27512392/1014.12
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J14640VJ32009DN225243269367.5350250 x 6251656-M12 x 34012392/1118.62
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J89017VJ32010DN250266295399.5350250 x 6251656-M12 x 34012392/1221.42
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J89018VJ32011DN300315349462.5350240 x 6251658-M12 x 34012392/14272
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