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Viking Johnson – MaxiDaptors Large Diameter Flange Adapter PN16

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Application Information:
MaxiFit Universal Pipe Couplings are designed to accommodate Plain Ended Pipes with different outside diameters. One fitting is able to connect a wide variety of Pipe materials including Steel, Ductile Iron, PVC, Cast Iron, GRP and Asbestos Cement Pipes amongst others.

Customer benefits:
• Design life expectancy of 50 years, established by rigorous ‘Accelerated Age Testing’ which subjects product to working pressure at 80°C for 1,000 hours
• Wide tolerances permit lower stock holding
• Sizes from DN350 to DN600
• All models accommodate angularity between pipes which allows for normal pipeline movement caused by ground settlement. Couplings and reducing couplings allowing for 6° total angular deflection (3° total on the Flange Adaptors)
• A rigorous Bolt Torque test is completed to confirm that the Bolt, End Ring and Adaptor Body are capable of withstanding Bolt over-tightening to 1.5 times maximum recommended torque

Wolseley CodeSupplier CodeOD range mm minOD range mm maxNom.DrillingFlange diameter OD mmFlange bore (S) mmFlange thickness (T) mmGroup typeSleve length (A) mmOverall length (L) mmGasket mould no.Studs dia. x lengthSetting gap min mmSetting gap max mmWeight kgQuantity
J49175VJ10222348.5365.5350PN16520367.518212021860088-M12 x 205456828.5
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JII425VJ01370351368300PN1647830018324033360026-M12 x 32516518838.5
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J11338VJ0021337405391.5350PN1652035018112021816598-M12 x 205456831
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J49174VJ05714394.3411.3350PN1652235018220529817668-M12 x 29013015337.1
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J11344VJ00174404.8421.8400PN1658040018112021317678-M12 x 205456834.9
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J11433VJ00420418.2435.2400PN1658043718112021817848-M12 x 205456832
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J11347VJ00175425442400PN1658040018112021816628-M12 x 205456835.7
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J11350VJ00484434.4451.4400PN1658044818220530317688-M12 x 29013015337.4
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J11353VJ00361447.2464.2400PN1658040018220530317698-M12 x 29013015342.2
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J11356VJ00411455472400PN1658240018220529860038-M12 x 29013015342.6
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J11359VJ00271476493400PN1660340023325533817708-M12 x 32518020360.8
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J11362VJ00293487.3504.3450PN16640506.5231120218177110-M12 x 205456839.4
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J11365VJ00219501.9518.9450PN16640485.5232205303177210-M12 x 29013015348.7
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J11368VJ03427510527450PN16640494232205303600410-M12 x 29013015347.9
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J11371VJ00389527544500PN16715500231120218177310-M12 x 205456855.6
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J11374VJ01602540.1557.1500PN16715559231120218177410-M12 x 205456847.2
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J11377VJ00412555.3572.3500PN16715550232205303177510-M12 x 29013015356
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