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Viking Johnson – FlexLock Flange Adaptors

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Application Information:
The FlexLock system provides a self-anchoring method of joining ductile iron or steel pipes and offers a cost-effective, quick and simple alternative to traditional anchoring systems such as site welding, harnessing or thrust blocks.

Customer benefits:
• FlexLock permits angular deflection between pipes, allowing for normal pipeline movement such as ground settlement. Long radius curves can also be accommodated, reducing the need for special fittings. FlexLock Couplings allow for a total angular deflection of ±6° (±3° for Flange Adaptors)
• Cost-effective: FlexLock can provide significant cost savings compared to non-locking couplings with a harnessing system
• Restrains pressure thrusts without thrust blocks at bends
• Convert cut lengths of pipe into flanged pipes – allows use of pipe off-cuts
• Working pressure of 16 bar on water up to and including DN200 and 10 bar for DN250 and DN300. For gas applications a working pressure of 6 bar can be achieved
• The ability to provide angular deflection in any plane is a particular advantage – a harness assembly can provide angular deflection only in one plane

FlexLock bolt torques: M12 = 55-65Nm and M16 = 95-120Nm.
* Working pressure rating is less than flange rating.
Note: Gas options also available please call WASK team for more information.

Wolseley CodeSupplier CodePipe normPipe ODPipe materialBolt size dia. x lengthSleeve length x thick mm (S)Overall length mmFlange thick mm (F)Sleeve length mm (S)F. nom. drill BS EN 1092-1Working pressure barSetting gap min mmSetting gap max mmGasket mouldFA weight kgQuantity
J11721VJ00385DN50/2″60.3Steel2-M12 x 115160123167550PN10/1616103012.3
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J11751VJ01459DN65/2.5″76.1Steel2-M12 x 115180123167560/65PN10/1616103012.6
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J11752VJ00195DN80/3″88.9Steel4-M12 x 115195123167580PN10/1690PN616103013.4
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J11756VJ00184DN80/3″98Ductile Iron4-M12 x 115195123167580PN10/1690PN616103014
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J11753VJ00281DN100/4″114.3Steel4-M12 x 1152151231675100PN10/1611016103014.5
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J11757VJ00075DN100/4″118Ductile Iron4-M12 x 1152151231675100PN10/1616103014.4
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J31732VJ00324DN150/6″168.3Steel8-M12 x 1152861231975150PN10/1616103018
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J11758VJ00067DN150/6″170Ductile Iron8-M12 x 1152861231975150PN10/1616103018
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J88851VJ01462DN200/8″219.1Steel8-M12 x 1153411231975200PN1010103018
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J88852VJ01464DN200/8″219.1Steel8-M12 x 1153401272573200PN1616103019.7
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J88853VJ01478DN200/8″222Ductile Iron6-M16 x 1253411371975200PN16161030115.2
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J11759VJ00096DN200/8″222Ductile Iron8-M16 x 1253401372575200PN108″E101030110.6
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J11762VJ00129DN250/10″273Steel12-M16 x 1254051371990250PN10/16*101030113.9
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J11762VJ00129DN250/10″274Ductile Iron12-M16 x 1254051371990250PN10/16*101030116.4
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J31718VJ13553DN300/12″323.9Steel12-M16 x 1254671371990300PN10/16*101030722.7
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J31718VJ13553DN300/12″326Ductile Iron12-M16 x 1254671371990300 PN10/16*101030722.7
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