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Viking Johnson – AquaFast Flange Adaptors

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Application Information:
AquaFast is a quick and easy to install product for Polyethylene pipe connections, providing an alternative solution to electrofusion and butt fusion for all weather and trench conditions. It is a simple fit and forget installation without the need for an internal liner or expensive trench equipment.

Customer benefits:
• Improved design for easy alignment especially on oval and coiled pipes
• Coupling can be used for repair – no internal restriction ideal for Sewage applications
• No requirement for a support liner, torque wrench or any other specialist equipment on site
• Reduced stockholding – One product can connect one nominal pipe size with common SDRs
• 5O years design life expectancy
• Saves time and effort as Contractor only has to identify PE pipe nominal size to select correct fitting
• Minimal number of bolts to tighten
• Supplied as standard with EPDM gasket approved by WRAS for use with potable water
• Corrosion protection – Metal components are coated with Rilsan Nylon 11 which is WRAS approved for use with potable water

All flange drilled to BS EN 1092-1 (formerly BS 4504) /BS EN ISO 7005 PN10 and PN16.

Wolseley CodeSupplier CodePipe ODFlange drillingsTee Bolt size dia. x lengthDimensions mm Max (A)Dimensions mm Diameter (B)Bore (C) mmFlange thickness (D) mmSetting gap mmMax gap mmWeight kgQuantity
J14658VJ410016350/65PN102-M12 x 135144185501720254.4
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J14659VJ410027565/80PN102-M12 x 135144200651720254.8
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J14660VJ410039065/80PN102-M12 x 135144200801720255
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J14661VJ41004110100PN102-M12 x 1351442291001720256.1
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J14662VJ41005125100/125PN102-M12 x 1351442501001720257.2
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J14663VJ41006140125PN104-M12 x 1351442501251720257.4
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J14664VJ41007160150PN104-M12 x 1351442851501720258.5
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J14665VJ41008180150PN104-M12 x 18519428515017253512.4
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J14666VJ41009200200PN104-M12 x 18519534319018253515.4
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J14667VJ41010225200PN104-M16 x 19520534319018253516.9
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J14668VJ41011250250PN106-M16 x 19520740624020253522.5
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J14669VJ41012280250PN106-M16 x 19520740627020253522.1
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J14670VJ41013315300PN106-M16 x 19520848330021.5253528.2
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