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Saint Gobain – Air Valve

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The triple function high flow (430 m3/h) and low flow (5 m3/h) is available in DN80, DN100 & DN150.

Maxi pressure 16 bar. Flange ISO NP10.

Functions of the air valve:
• Air outlet with high flow : pipeline filling
• Air blowing-off in pressure : pipeline in normal service
• Air inlet with high flow : pipeline draining
• The air valve protects the pipeline by the air extraction in the pipelines high points
• The valve body, in mechanically-welded steel, is protected by oven-baked epoxy-resin thickness 200 microns. The mobile clapper/float assembly is entirely made from plastic material, neutral to any corrosive aggression by the waste water

The use of sewage air valves is economic for the pipeline installation. By using air valves, the pipeline can follow the ground relief and avoid the cost of the necessary construction works to follow a regular pipeline profile.

Wolseley CodeSupplier CodeDN mmA mmH mmD mmd female inchesP inchesMass kgReferencesQuantity
n_an_a50-60-652205851851Purge/Nozzle ¾28238030
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n_an_a80274685200Purge/Nozzle ¾28161771
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n_an_a1002746852202Purge/Nozzle ¾32RCB10ERBF
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n_an_a1503567502853Purge/Nozzle ¾45RCB15ERBF
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n_an_a2003569703403Purge/Nozzle ¾60RCB20ERBF
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