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AVK – Water Couplings – Series 631

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• Supa Maxi Tensile Straight Coupling PN16
• Stainless steel bolts
• EPDM rubber
• EN 14525
• Epoxy coated according to GSK approval
• WRAS approved
• DN50-300
• Product requires Series 05/E liners

Wolseley CodeSupplier CodeRange mmDN mmQuantity
BE0513631-133-00-6DN100 Tensile Coupling 104-133100
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BE0514631-161-00-6DN125 Tensile Coupling 132-161125
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BE0515631-188-00-6DN150 Tensile Coupling 159-188150
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BE0516631-227-00-6DN200 Tensile Coupling 193-227200
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BE0517631-257-00-6DN225 Tensile Coupling 224-257225
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BE0518631-301-00-6DN250 Tensile Coupling 266-301250
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BE0519631-356-00-6DN300 Tensile Coupling 314-356300
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BE0520631-442-006DN400 Tensile Coupling 392-442400
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