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AVK – Water Couplings – Series 602

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• Universal Supa Step Coupling
• PN16
• Geomet fasteners
• EPDM seals
• WRAS approved materials
• Epoxy coated according to WIS 4-52-01 class B

Wolseley CodeSupplier CodeRange mmDN mmQuantity
J13501602-074-106-420050 x 57-74/99-11950
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J13502602-085-106-420065 x 68-085/84-10665
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J13503602-106-133-420080 x 84-106/109-13380
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J13504602-133-157-4200100 x 109-133/132-157100
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J13505602-157-183-4200125 x 132-157/157-183125
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J13506602-215-242-4200175 x 193-215/218-242175
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J13507602-242-268-4200200 x 218-242/242-268200
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J13508602-268-292-4200225 x 242-268/266-292225
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J13509602-396-410-4200250 x 372-396/384-410350
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J13510602-410-436-4200250 x 384-410/410-436350
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J13511602-436-462-4200400 x 410-436/436-462400
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