Plasson PlassGas

PlassGas has been designed for multiple re-use when carrying out purging and bypass, replacing electrofusion fittings that are discarded after use. PlassGas can be dissasembled and reused multiple times.

Available in 32mm and 63mm the PlassGas threaded elbow connects to the outlet of any standard tapping tee, and its integral brass thread allows connection to an industry standard purge stack. If required, an end cap is available to temporarily cap off your tapping tee for re-use.

PlassGas fittings can also be used for construction of temporary bypasses, which can be demounted and stored ready for re-use meaning no wasted EF fittings and pipe.

PlassGas fittings are for temporary use and are recommended for a max 168hrs (7 days) use on low and medium pressure gas systems. (GIS PL3 annexe P).

For full details or to book an online presentation, please contact Mark Cummins on 07788 185671 (south) or Gordon Noble on 07788 185676 (north).

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