GF Piping Systems – Utilities

GF’s lightweight and non-corroding plastic piping systems are becoming a must for utilities projects.

With a wide range of systems, including pre-fabrication and pre-insulated options, GF have the right system for your project.

MULTI/JOINT® 3000 Plus

For reliable restraint connections on all types of pipe materials. Suitable for water applications, used for maintenance and repair, above ground and underground up to 16° angularity (based on mid range). No maximum insertion depth to allow for flexibility. Coating is fusion bonded for greater protection, joins pipe of different materials together up to 16 bar.


A complete polyethylene solution for utilities and other applications that include pipes, fittings, fabrication and mechanical jointing. ELGEF provides a durable solution for mains water, waste water and gas supply transportation. The flexible system covers these applications even under the most challenging conditions and are comprised of easy, quick to install components with the best cost-performance ratio and 100 years estimated lifetime in utility applications.

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