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AVK has an extensive selection of Gas Mains to Meter Solutions, available in a wide range of sizes that incorporate simple designs that save you both time and cost on installation.

Products with PE to Steel Transitions are designed to transmit gas safely and effectively into buildings. AVK’s Meter Box Adaptors, solve the long-standing industry issue of GRP sleeve slippage with a unique gripping system. AVK’s gas mains to meter products are Kitemarked and approved to GIS/PL3.

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AVK UK’s, Donkin manufactured Gas Mains to Meter product offering has an impressive scope.

The Series 310 Flow Limiters come in several variants for 25 and 32mm service pipes operating under varying conditions and are suited to different operating pressure tiers from 75millibar up to 7bar, a temperature range of -20 to +40 degrees, and are covered by the specifications of MSS SP-115, GIS/EFV1 or BGE/S/V/5.

Series 39 – Are PE to Steel Flanged Adaptors. The Series 39/50 is a standard PN16 flanged adaptor & the Series 39/60 valve flange adaptor comes complete with integral PN16 flanged branches for Purge & By-Pass points. By default, the Series 39 Flange Adaptors are configured for Intermediate Pressure (7 bar gas) use and kitemarked to GIS/PL3, with Orange PE100 pipe approved to GIS/PL2-8. They are gas network approved and Kite Marked.

AVK Donkin offers Building Entries for all situations. The Series 219 Entry Tees, for above-ground through wall entry to domestic properties, in sizes from 20mm – 63mm. Series 217 Factory Entry Elbows offer solutions for whatever challenge you face, with a size range from 1.1/2” to 6” and options of screwed or plain weld ends or AVK’s great Split Flange technology, which enables installation of the connection through the building wall without requiring a welder on site to weld the flange in place after installation.

The Series 217 & 219 offer possible coverage up to 5.5bar, dependent on the configuration specified.

AVK UK’s Building Entry options continue with Series 218 Below Ground Entry Fittings, enabling domestic or commercial gas services into a building cellar or basement. These are available from 25mm to 180mm and are again available with screwed or plain weld ends, or the AVK Split Flange technology. The Series 218 also offers PE to steel riser transitions for above-ground connections to Gas Meter Modules and Governor Modules (Pressure Reduction Stations). Available for use up to 7 bars with screwed or Split Flange end options dependent on the size configuration required.

The AVK Donkin Mains to Meter range completes with the Series 216 Meter Box Adaptors. AVK offers 3 types, Galvanised, Delta Sealed, or Zinc Sealed. All are fully corrosion protected with options suitable for both standard wall mounted and semi-concealed meter boxes, dependent on the variant selected. AVK UK offers a uniquely elegant crimping solution for their connection to the PE service Pipe. The GRP cover pipe slides into a specially tapered end to always locate correctly, and the adaptor clips neatly into the Meter Box itself for a very tidy installation. Series 216 Meter Box Adaptors are rated to 4bar.

All the AVK Donkin mains to meter fittings are Kitemarked to GIS/PL3 and are gas network approved for use.

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